Player Profile: Kim Myong-Won (North Korea)

2 Jun

I can’t imagine many other websites featuring a third goalkeeper amongst their World Cup player profiles, but we here at Twinty Tin like to look at this World Cup a little differently. Similarly the North Koreans like to look at the World Cup laws a little differently to other nations.

For example, law 26.3 from, the FIFA World Cup regulations:

Each association will then be required to provide FIFA with a final list of no more than 23 players (three of whom shall be goalkeepers).
Now, the more devious readers will immediately spot a flaw in that rule. There’s nothing to actually stop you naming an outfield player as a goalkeeper – and this is exactly what North Korea have done. That lucky position falls to nine times capped striker Kim Myong-Won who plays for Amrokgang. He will don the number 7 shirt for the Koreans during the World Cup this summer, so it’s not as if they are trying to cover up what they’ve done by handing him a more innocuous shirt such as number 12 or 13.
Kim Myong-Won has only made sporadic appearances for North Korea over the past couple of years so it’s unlikely that he will see much action in South Africa this summer. The focal point of the Korean attack is more likely to be their number 23: Jong Tae-Se who is apparently known as the “Asian Wayne Rooney”. Whether this means he is a gerontophile with premature hair loss or a World class superstar in the making remains to be seen.

Korean 'Goalkeeper' Kim Myong-Won


2 Responses to “Player Profile: Kim Myong-Won (North Korea)”

  1. Steven June 4, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    It appears this story has moved on since TwintyTin covered it only a few days ago.

    FIFA have said that he must be used as a goalkeeper if used during the tournament. So, this poor lad faces turning up for one of the biggest sporting competitions in the world without the proper kit. Will FIFA make him play in vest and pants? Only time will tell…


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