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World Cup Top Tin; #3 Merchandising Opportunities

21 Jun

The World Cup always produces a swathe of money-making opportunities for those companies and individuals shrewd enough to fill the right niché in the market.  Here’s my top 10 list of nine genuine merchandising campaigns linked to South Africa 2010 plus an exciting concept of my own, the rights of which are still available to buy – interested parties can contact me through Twinty Tin. Continue reading


World Cup Top Tin; #2 Clichés

15 Jun

There are some things that you just can’t avoid hearing or reading about every time the World Cup bandwagon trundles into view.  Here’s my Top 10 list of those things that get dusted down and trotted out every four years whether we like it or not. Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #6

13 Jun

Twinty Tin’s own Matt Clift provides the latest instalment of our First World Cup Memories series…

I was 9 years old during Espana ’82 and it was the first World Cup that I fully immersed myself in, with all the memorabilia and associated tat that you might expect: a lovingly-updated wallchart, a frustratingly incomplete Panini sticker album and my first and indeed only replica England shirt as modelled by England’s mascot, an aggressive-looking cartoon bulldog named Bobby. Continue reading

World Cup Top Tin; #1 Facebook Groups

6 Jun

Like creating a child, just about anyone can create a Facebook group.  And like being a parent, there are those who then lovingly nurture and cherish their offspring once they’ve created them, moderating their behaviour and curbing their most base instincts to enable them to develop into well-rounded and productive members of the wider community; and there are those who allow the fruit of their loins to run batshit-crazy and come into contact with all sorts of odious types whose sole aim is to corrupt, taint and defile everything around them. Continue reading