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A History of England at the World Cup Finals

4 Jul

As anyone who watched their performance in the Brazil versus Chile match on ITV will know, the refereeing team of Howard Webb, Mike Mullarky and Darren Cann are the only remaining Englishmen left in the World Cup. Though Clive Tyldsey enthusiastically talked up the chances of the team taking charge of the World Cup Final it now appears more likely that they will officiate one of the semi-finals. I thought therefore that it would be interesting to take a look back at previous World Cups to see the impact Englishmen, or English-born people (not related to the England national side), have had on the World Cup. Continue reading


Uruguay at the 1970 World Cup

25 Jun

After Wednesday’s World Cup matches it became clear that one of the tournament’s semi-finalists will come from the unexpected quartet of South Korea, Uruguay, Ghana or the United States with many considering Uruguay as favourites to win through after some impressive performances in Group A. Anyone with even a vague knowledge of World Cup history will know that Uruguay have a couple of World Cup trophy wins under their belt in the 30s/50s. But what about the team from 1970, the team who were the last South American side, other than Brazil or Argentina, to reach the semi finals of the World Cup? Continue reading

Europe Taking a Beating

18 Jun

Despite some excellent ‘second matches’ the World Cup is off to a slow start with much of the attention focused on the Vuvuzela and the Jabulani. The one positive to come out of the tournament – as far as I’m concerned anyway – is the re-emergence of football outside of Europe. In the 2006 World Cup Europe held sway with all four semi-finalists hailing from this continent, with only Brazil and Argentina breaking the European monopoly in the quarters. However, this World Cup appears to be marching to the beat of a different drum. Continue reading

Player Profile: Ariel Garcé (Argentina)

10 Jun

Colon defender Ariel Garcé can count himself lucky to be involved in an Argentinian 23 that doesn’t include Javier Zanetti. Garcé earned two caps for the national side in 2003 but subsequently found himself frozen out of the international setup until he played in a friendly against Haiti  last month. Continue reading

Player Profile: James Bannatyne (New Zealand)

9 Jun

Throughout the group matches of this summer’s World Cup it’s likely that you’ll hear much patronising of the New Zealand side. Commentators and pundits will talk in amazed tones of how some of the players in Team Kiwi are not even full professionals. This should be no surprise to anyone who has even a fleeting interest in World Cups or even sport in general. Only a very small percentage of footballers who play regularly are professional, and the vagaries of the World Cup qualification competition do lead to teams like New Zealand qualifying, and in my view the competition is much stronger for it. Continue reading

Player Profile: Lukman Haruna (Nigeria)

8 Jun

Cameroon shocked the world with their brand of swashbuckling, aggressive football in  Italia ’90. They defeated the then World Cup holders Argentina, plus Romania and Colombia on the way to a 3-2 Extra Time defeat to England in the Quarter Finals. The Cameroon team seemingly came out of nowhere and it’s very likely that the opposition coaches of Argentina didn’t even possess a coaching report for the side, that is despite ten of the Cameroon squad playing at a decent level in France at the time. Continue reading

Clubs Represented in South Africa

6 Jun

There are 736 players in the thirty-two squads that will compete in South Africa this Summer. Three of those players, Craig Moore of Australia and Simon Elliot and David Mulligan of New Zealand are without a club at the moment, but the other 733 ply their trade for 296 different club sides across the globe. Continue reading

Experience at the World Cup

5 Jun

It’s an oft-used cliché that experience is necessary in order to win the greatest football competition in the world. In fact, only the other day I saw Steve Hodge being interviewed on Sky Sports News talking about this very subject. I think he was trying to tout his Maradona ’86 World Cup shirt again but was nonetheless happy enough to offer his wisdom to Sky Sports’ rolling news feed. He made the point that the sides who won the World Cup normally had an average age of around 28/29. He’s got a point, the average age of the World Cup winning Italian squad of four years ago was 28 years and 8 months. Continue reading

The World Cup’s Foreign-Born Players

4 Jun

Nationality has never been as simple as where you were born. After all, World Cup ’66 top scorer Eusebio was born in Mozambique and mainstays of the England 1990 World Cup squad Terry Butcher and John Barnes were born in Singapore and Jamaica respectively. This World Cup is no different to previous editions in this regard with dozens of players competing for countries they were not born in. We at Twinty Tin believe we’ve tracked down all seventy-one of them and will present the findings here (full statistics can be found at the bottom of the article). Continue reading

Player Profile: Kim Myong-Won (North Korea)

2 Jun

I can’t imagine many other websites featuring a third goalkeeper amongst their World Cup player profiles, but we here at Twinty Tin like to look at this World Cup a little differently. Similarly the North Koreans like to look at the World Cup laws a little differently to other nations. Continue reading