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A History of England at the World Cup Finals

4 Jul

As anyone who watched their performance in the Brazil versus Chile match on ITV will know, the refereeing team of Howard Webb, Mike Mullarky and Darren Cann are the only remaining Englishmen left in the World Cup. Though Clive Tyldsey enthusiastically talked up the chances of the team taking charge of the World Cup Final it now appears more likely that they will officiate one of the semi-finals. I thought therefore that it would be interesting to take a look back at previous World Cups to see the impact Englishmen, or English-born people (not related to the England national side), have had on the World Cup. Continue reading


Uruguay at the 1970 World Cup

25 Jun

After Wednesday’s World Cup matches it became clear that one of the tournament’s semi-finalists will come from the unexpected quartet of South Korea, Uruguay, Ghana or the United States with many considering Uruguay as favourites to win through after some impressive performances in Group A. Anyone with even a vague knowledge of World Cup history will know that Uruguay have a couple of World Cup trophy wins under their belt in the 30s/50s. But what about the team from 1970, the team who were the last South American side, other than Brazil or Argentina, to reach the semi finals of the World Cup? Continue reading