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Clubs Represented in South Africa

6 Jun

There are 736 players in the thirty-two squads that will compete in South Africa this Summer. Three of those players, Craig Moore of Australia and Simon Elliot and David Mulligan of New Zealand are without a club at the moment, but the other 733 ply their trade for 296 different club sides across the globe. Continue reading


Experience at the World Cup

5 Jun

It’s an oft-used cliché that experience is necessary in order to win the greatest football competition in the world. In fact, only the other day I saw Steve Hodge being interviewed on Sky Sports News talking about this very subject. I think he was trying to tout his Maradona ’86 World Cup shirt again but was nonetheless happy enough to offer his wisdom to Sky Sports’ rolling news feed. He made the point that the sides who won the World Cup normally had an average age of around 28/29. He’s got a point, the average age of the World Cup winning Italian squad of four years ago was 28 years and 8 months. Continue reading

The World Cup’s Foreign-Born Players

4 Jun

Nationality has never been as simple as where you were born. After all, World Cup ’66 top scorer Eusebio was born in Mozambique and mainstays of the England 1990 World Cup squad Terry Butcher and John Barnes were born in Singapore and Jamaica respectively. This World Cup is no different to previous editions in this regard with dozens of players competing for countries they were not born in. We at Twinty Tin believe we’ve tracked down all seventy-one of them and will present the findings here (full statistics can be found at the bottom of the article). Continue reading

Squad Wrangles

2 Jun

Fabio Capello has named his England squad today. What’s that? You already knew? Who told you? Ah, well anyway, at 4pm yesterday afternoon the FA’s website strained under the pressure of thousands of football fans and folk just generally bored of work straining to see if the rumours and counter rumours they had read through-out the day were in anyway true. Such were the tabloid and messageboard tales throughout today that the last time some of these footballers went in and out of anything so repetitively… well you can finish that gag yourself and save us a law-suit on our second day in existence. Continue reading