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Twinty Tin vs the BBC World Cup Predictor

10 Jun

In the run up to this year’s World Cup, as with any tournament, there have been no end of ‘pundits’, and so called ‘former World Cup winners’ offering their opinions on who will be crowned as World Champions in South Africa. Of course you could listen to their alleged ‘expert’ opinion, which may or may not be based on such fanciful notions as inside knowledge, astute tactical understanding and personal experience. But what do they really know? Really? Exactly. The only ammunition you need before you head down the bookies with your life-savings in one hand and the deeds for your accommodation in the other, cheerfully ignoring the fact that you’re actually renting the flat, is flawed the opinions of four blokes who just happen to watch a bit of football and have access to the internet. And so, this ones for you. Continue reading


Get your Soccermeter handy…

10 Jun

Oooh quick, it’s nearly starting. Well we’ve managed to produce a World Cup website for ten days without being tempted to bring you the obvious clip, but with a day to go before the tournament excitement has got the better of us. Was this really sixteen years ago?

The Impending Storm

1 Jun

Well, it’s that time again: patriotic fervour is whipped up by soul-stirring lager adverts, BBC pre-summer montages, and many a walk down ‘what if?’ memory lane. A nation’s expectations grow exponentially in stark contrast to the actual ability of their side, only to be dashed when the inevitable hopes raised/hopes dashed merry-go-round ceases at the stop marked ‘quarter-final defeat on penalties’. Continue reading