Far from being a closed shop, Twinty Tin is very much open all hours when it comes to who can get involved. We even have a token tight Doncastrian at the helm to aid that metaphor. Though we have three key writers contributing regular content and ideas to the site we do welcome input from others, because if nothing else it means we can rest our fingertips for a few minutes and spend time remembering what our family look like.

As with any self-respecting 21st century website we have two social media platforms in which you can follow the progress of all things Twinty Tin and also offer your own feedback and comments.

Twinty Tin on Twitter

If you like life in a succinct 140 character format then you’re probably already part of the Twitter community, and if you’re the former but not the latter we can only assume you are a very lonely and bitter ex-Twitter employee. Anyway, Twinty Tin is on twitter, so follow @twintytin for all the latest updates on articles and news added to this site as well as our thoughts and lame one-liners about World Cup stories and matches as they happen.

Twinty Tin on Facebook

If you just don’t get Twitter then fear not, not only are you less likely to know who or what Justin Bieber is, but we also have an alternate social media sphere in which you can be part of the Twinty Tin experience. We’ve got a Facebook fan page, so simply click on the link above to be taken there so you can like us, really like us.

Email Twinty Tin

Last but not least, if you have any ideas for content or articles for Twinty Tin then you can always email them to us via

In particular we are after short article submissions (350 words or less) for two upcoming features we intend to run; First World Cup Memories, and Great Sweepstake Moments of Our Time, hopefully the titles should be self-explanatory.

We look forward to hearing from you… no honestly we do.


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