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On this day… 11th July 1982

11 Jul

And so here we are, at the tournament’s end, the sixty-fourth game of the 2010 World Cup, and after all the expectation and excitement surrounding Argentina and Brazil, it is an all European Final between Netherlands and Spain. The 1982 tournament also saw a much-fancied Brazil side bow out earlier than expected to give way to an all European denouement; West Germany and Italy who faced each other in the World Cup final, on this day twenty-eight years ago. Continue reading


On this day… 8th July 1982

8 Jul

A quick quiz question to start, what has happened to the following fourteen nations that has not happened to any other; Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia? The answer is that they have lost a World Cup Finals penalty shoot-out. Prior to the introduction of the penalties, drawn knockout matches were replayed, as happened several times at the 1938 World Cup. With concerns over scheduling FIFA introduced penalties as a method of separating drawn World Cup ties in 1978, but it was not needed, indeed not since the 1938 tournament had a match remained level at the end of scheduled play. And so the first ever World Cup finals penalty shoot-out took place at the end of an epic semi-final, four years later, on this day in 1982. Continue reading

On this day… 5th July 1982

5 Jul

The 1982 World Cup was the last to feature a second round group stage. The six group winners and six runners-up from the first round had progressed to be placed¬†into four groups of three, the winners of which would advance to the semi-finals. The draw for the second round produced arguably the most daunting grouping possible, the ultimate ‘Group of Death’ as holders Argentina, favourites Brazil and strongly fancied Italy all placed together in Group C. Only one of the three could progress and the match which decided who, took place twenty-eight years ago today. Continue reading

On this day… 25th June 1982

25 Jun

After yesterday’s heroics from Slovakia in knocking the current holders out of the tournament it seems suitable to use this feature to look at another upset from a past World Cup. In 1982 Northern Ireland qualified for their first World Cup Finals since 1958 and found themselves in a daunting group featuring Yugoslavia and the hosts Spain. After beginning with draws against the Yugoslav team and Honduras, Northern Ireland went into their final group game, twenty-eight years ago today knowing that only victory over the Spanish would guarantee they remained in the competition. Continue reading

On this day… 16th June 2006

16 Jun

Thanks to, or despite of, the bat-shit crazy management of Diego Maradona Argentina have¬†looked one of the tournament’s most impressive sides so far at this year’s World Cup. Unfortunately despite dominating their opening game against Nigeria they were unable to convert fluid possession into goals. However, four years ago today they managed to do just that as they faced Serbia & Montenegro in Germany. Continue reading