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World Cup Top Tin; #5 Worst Kits

9 Jul

International football kit design is not an area in which it is easy to make mistakes. The basic colours and styles have long been traditionally established, often to the point of also being the team’s nickname, and you don’t have any fiddly or awkwardly coloured sponsors logos to factor in. And yet some countries continue to get it all wrong, all very, very wrong. Here Twinty Tin looks at those who have taken to the field with all the sartorial style of Dame Edna Everage Continue reading


On this day… 28th June 1994

28 Jun

The players going in to today’s World Cup fixtures, particularly the forwards, may be boosted by the knowledge that the 28th June is a good day for goalscorers. Of course I say they ‘may be boosted’, what has happened in previous World Cup matches on this day will have no real bearing on today’s game. I mean the 28th June is also the day on which Mike Tyson bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield’s ear and that’s unlikely to cause Maicon to go cannibal on Alexis Sanchez this evening. Anyway, I digress, on this day in 1994, as in 1958, a World Cup goalscoring record was set. Continue reading

On this day… 22nd June 1986

22 Jun

Twenty-four years ago an England team had a disastrous start to a World Cup finals campaign, beaten by an unfancied Portugal side, held to a goalless draw by Morocco and without the services of Brian Robson whose shoulder had fallen off and Ray Wilkins who had been sent off against the North African side. But then it all started going right for England. Gary Lineker hit a hat-trick against Poland in the final group game, and he hit too more against Paraguay in the second round to set up a quarter-final with Argentina and a chance, on this day in 1986, to prove they could cut it against the best in the world, and not just those nations beginning with ‘P’. Continue reading

On this day… 18th June 1994

18 Jun

In 1994 the World Cup wandered into new territory, with FIFA having awarded the finals, much to the derision of other nations, to the USA. The Americans had embraced the tournament as only they can with a razzmatazz heavy opening ceremony that if nothing else ensured Diana Ross would never be forgotten by football fans. But that was yesterday, sixteen years ago yesterday to be precise, and in this feature we look back only to today. On this day in 1994 the United States played their first World Cup finals match as a home team. Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #7

16 Jun

Oh yes, we’re still going with this feature. After our own Matt Clift shared his memories of the 1982 tournament at the weekend, we return today to our reader’s submissions for this latest edition of our First World Cup Memories series and to a more recent tournament. Today reader Adam Hutcheson takes us back to USA ’94 and to help tell his tale he’s even thrown in a video clip… Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #3

7 Jun

I’m at work now. Not typing up well-crafted articles on the forthcoming World Cup, nor the usual makeweight Twinty Tin gubbins for that matter. No I’m at the job I actually get paid to do, probably staring blankly at an email, or possibly staring blankly out the window at the car-park as I make a coffee. Either way, the life of a professional blank-starer is never done. Anyway, my point is that despite being at work, using the magic of the internet I was able to pre-upload this piece to Twinty Tin so that it would appear whilst I’m otherwise disengaged. Clever eh? No? Ah well, at least the content is more impressive than the method. Here it is, it’s today’s First World Cup Memory submission , sent in to us by reader Lee Egley; Continue reading