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On this day… 9th July 2006

9 Jul

The 2006 World Cup was an odd one for me. Having followed the tournament intently from the start, I flew to the United States the morning after England’s quarter-final exit (incidentally seeing the passenger next to you produce a newspaper with the headline of End of the World just before take-off does not lead to carefree flying) and subsequently the semi-finals and final itself barely registered with me. I watched the final flat-out on a motel bed in San Antonio, air conditioning on full, as I wilted in the early afternoon Texan heat on this day, four years ago. Continue reading


On this day… 16th June 2006

16 Jun

Thanks to, or despite of, the bat-shit crazy management of Diego Maradona Argentina have looked one of the tournament’s most impressive sides so far at this year’s World Cup. Unfortunately despite dominating their opening game against Nigeria they were unable to convert fluid possession into goals. However, four years ago today they managed to do just that as they faced Serbia & Montenegro in Germany. Continue reading

On this day… 9th June 2006

9 Jun

World Cup opening games have often been memorable due to surprise results, such as the notable victories achieved by Cameroon and Senegal over the reigning champions in 1990 and 2002 respectively, but they have rarely produced goals. More often than not they are cagey affairs featuring a holder or host all to wary of being on the wrong end of global headlines. In the forty years following the 1962 tournament the opening game of a World Cup featured more than a single goal on only two occasions; Italy’s 1-1 draw with Bulgaria and Brazil’s 2-1 win over Scotland in 1998. Indeed Erwin Vanderbergh’s strike for Belgium against Argentina at the 1982 tournament was the first goal in the opening game of a World Cup for twenty years. Thankfully this trend was finally bucked four years ago today as the hosts Germany took on Costa Rica in the opening game of the 2006 tournament. Continue reading