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Twinty Tin’s Token Team of the World Cup Piece

13 Jul

I know what you’re thinking, but no, no we won’t leave the World Cup alone. Not just yet anyway. We’ve each taken a look back into our own lives since Sunday and decided to hang on to Twinty Tin to the bitter end, because we’ve each come to love the World Cup more than Fernando Muslera loves the Soccer City crossbar. So, following on from our token Awards-Based Review piece yesterday comes a token Team of the World Cup piece. In the past couple of days every media outlet worth their salt, and ITV, have been eliciting  past World Cup stars and well-informed football writers to selecting their choice tournament XIs. But what do they know? They’ll probably have based the selections on things like ‘reason’ and ‘merit’. The crazy bastards. Don’t worry, you’ll get no such thing from us here at Twinty Tin as our four key contributors each selected their own Team of the World Cup. Continue reading


Twinty Tin’s Token Award Based World Cup Review Piece

12 Jul

The tournament may be over, but Twinty Tin isn’t quite done yet. As every other football related website on the planet ‘takes a look back’ at this year’s World Cup we decided to do something a little different. Sadly though the lack of a suitable arena hindered our planned World Cup 2010 On Ice spectacular and so we’ve had to fall back on plan B and just do one of those token award based round ups. Here’s the best and the worst and the ideal television panel of this year’s World Cup as viewed by the Twinty Tin team. Continue reading

Match Report: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

11 Jul

Its the BBC’s coverage for Twinty Tin tonight, a decision vindicated by the probing questioning of Damian Johnson who asks an orange tracksuit clad Clarence Seedorf  “Still going for Holland?” The BBC have at least given the occasion suitable gravitas by ensuring their presenter and pundit panel are in full suits tonight rather than their usual Gentlemen’s Club shirt and trousers. And of course the other reason for opting for the Beeb’s coverage is that they know how to put together a damn good sporting montage, the one they produce in the lead up to kick-off being particularly superb. Continue reading

Match Preview 64: Netherlands vs Spain (the final)

11 Jul

A final from the house that Johan Cruyff built.  The Netherlands, synonymous with Total Football and a fine lineage of free-flowing attacking fluidity, taking on the secondary benefactors of the former Ajax man’s unique footballing philosophy, Spain.  Continue reading

Match Report: Germany 3-2 Uruguay

10 Jul

The rain is falling in the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, but that’s not going to stop the World Cup’s evil overlord as Sepp Blatter makes it out onto the pitch to meet the teams. The Uruguayan squad are not vieiwing the third place match as anything other than another battle and at the culmination of their National Anthem most of the squad break out into some old school warm-up exercises, all running on the spot and squat-thrusts. Germany have made a few squad changes meaning Bastian Schweinsteiger has taken over as captain from Philipp Lahm, the former possessing that rarest of things, a neck wider than his own head. Continue reading

Match Report: Italy 1-1 New Zealand

20 Jun

Clive Tyldsley’s preamble to this match concerns the unrest and the unhappiness amongst Italians at the start the national team made to the competition, drawing with Paraguay, though this is undermined a little as mid-way through Tyldsley’s introduction the camera focuses on a smiling Fabio Cannavaro. Italy are clearly keen to prove a point in this fixture though and they belt out the National Anthem with such gusto that the mascots in front of actually look genuinely scared. Continue reading

Match Report: Japan 0-1 Netherlands

19 Jun

The Dutch National Anthem sounds an awful lot like a Christmas Carol. And for all the Netherlands early possession that’s about as much as I have to say about the opening ten minutes. Robin van Perise is fouled on the edge of the area, inadvertently catching Yuichi Komano with his boot as he goes down forcing the Japanese defender off. Wesley Sneijder takes the dead ball and fires it over the bar, Komano returns with an odd plaster strapping combo around his neck and chin looking like he’s been the victim of a St Johns’ Ambulance driv- by bandaging. Continue reading

Match Report: Algeria 0-0 England

18 Jun

The England starting line-up introduces itself through a small and unnecessary video piece where they give their name and position to camera, Emile Heskey ponders over the word ‘striker’ like it’s a one on one chance. ITV don’t bother to give the Algerian line-up. It’s not really a surprise, given their overtly patriotic projection of England’s games encapsulated in Clive Tyldsley’s introduction in which he says “We’ll know a lot more about our World Cup prospects by the end of tonight”. As the anthems finish the camera lingers on the dropped Rob Green, like they would the prize you failed to win on Bullseye. Continue reading

Europe Taking a Beating

18 Jun

Despite some excellent ‘second matches’ the World Cup is off to a slow start with much of the attention focused on the Vuvuzela and the Jabulani. The one positive to come out of the tournament – as far as I’m concerned anyway – is the re-emergence of football outside of Europe. In the 2006 World Cup Europe held sway with all four semi-finalists hailing from this continent, with only Brazil and Argentina breaking the European monopoly in the quarters. However, this World Cup appears to be marching to the beat of a different drum. Continue reading

Match Report: Nigeria 1-2 Greece

17 Jun

Has Danny Shittu always been that big? He’s huge. There’s a moment early in this game where he carries the ball out of the Nigerian defence and for the retreating Greek players it must feel like Indiana Jones being chased by that big boulder. Anyway, the fact that this is my most pressing concern will tell you that as expected the game has not begun too eventfully. In front of large Greek support, albeit in a sparsely populated Free State Stadium, Greece have begun positively, well by their standards at least, pushing towards the Nigerian goal, but it has come to nothing. Continue reading