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Match Report: England 1-0 Slovenia / Algeria 0-1 USA

23 Jun

Watching the pre-match build-up on the BBC brings forth a number of questions. Why can’t all footballers give interviews as intelligently as David James? Why isn’t David James interviewed more? Why has Harry Redknapp suddenly appeared in South Africa? Why is he being asked his opinions in a lavatory cubicle in the dark? Why are the England team introduced in front of a spare backdrop from a Rhianna tour? And does John Terry represent the biggest gap between income and apparent amount spent on a haircut of any one person on the planet? Continue reading


Match Preview 38: Algeria vs USA (Group C)

23 Jun

The USA might consider themselves unlucky not to be better placed to qualify from Group C.  The laws of Karma, if not football, suggest that the five fouls committed by Slovenian defenders cancel out the one made by Herculez ‘Best Name in the World Cup’ Gomez.  But alas no, meaning Maurice Edu’s late strike was stricken from the records and the Stars and Stripes had to settle for a point. Continue reading

Match Report: Algeria 0-0 England

18 Jun

The England starting line-up introduces itself through a small and unnecessary video piece where they give their name and position to camera, Emile Heskey ponders over the word ‘striker’ like it’s a one on one chance. ITV don’t bother to give the Algerian line-up. It’s not really a surprise, given their overtly patriotic projection of England’s games encapsulated in Clive Tyldsley’s introduction in which he says “We’ll know a lot more about our World Cup prospects by the end of tonight”. As the anthems finish the camera lingers on the dropped Rob Green, like they would the prize you failed to win on Bullseye. Continue reading

Match Preview 23: England vs Algeria (Group C)

18 Jun

As ever, perspective was lost in the aftermath of England’s opening game.  A draw with the USA is not a bad result, and while there remains plenty of room for improvement, they should still easily qualify for the next phase.  Continue reading

On this day… 16th June 2006

16 Jun

Thanks to, or despite of, the bat-shit crazy management of Diego Maradona Argentina have looked one of the tournament’s most impressive sides so far at this year’s World Cup. Unfortunately despite dominating their opening game against Nigeria they were unable to convert fluid possession into goals. However, four years ago today they managed to do just that as they faced Serbia & Montenegro in Germany. Continue reading

Match Report: Algeria 0-1 Slovenia

13 Jun

It goes without saying that this is far from one of the biggest ties of this World Cup, but in their pre-amble the BBC’s Gary Lineker and co ram home the point all the same. The limited appeal of Algeria against Slovenia is certainly evident in the attendance with a lot of empty seats in the Peter Mokaba Stadium . Slovenia, rocking a kit that seems to have been thrown together with the design brief “What would Charlie Brown wear to a rave?” possess the shortest national anthem so far, whilst the Algerian squad are clearly suffering from an outbreak of hair-dye. Continue reading

Match Preview 06: Algeria vs Slovenia (Group C)

13 Jun

The majesty of the World Cup is such that it throws up a whole host of mouth-watering match-ups, unmissable games which pit the globe’s finest footballing conductors in direct opposition, and where the potential lies for a balletic parade of physicality to unfold before your very eyes. This is not one of those games. Continue reading

The World Cup’s Foreign-Born Players

4 Jun

Nationality has never been as simple as where you were born. After all, World Cup ’66 top scorer Eusebio was born in Mozambique and mainstays of the England 1990 World Cup squad Terry Butcher and John Barnes were born in Singapore and Jamaica respectively. This World Cup is no different to previous editions in this regard with dozens of players competing for countries they were not born in. We at Twinty Tin believe we’ve tracked down all seventy-one of them and will present the findings here (full statistics can be found at the bottom of the article). Continue reading