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Twinty Tin’s Token Team of the World Cup Piece

13 Jul

I know what you’re thinking, but no, no we won’t leave the World Cup alone. Not just yet anyway. We’ve each taken a look back into our own lives since Sunday and decided to hang on to Twinty Tin to the bitter end, because we’ve each come to love the World Cup more than Fernando Muslera loves the Soccer City crossbar. So, following on from our token Awards-Based Review piece yesterday comes a token Team of the World Cup piece. In the past couple of days every media outlet worth their salt, and ITV, have been eliciting  past World Cup stars and well-informed football writers to selecting their choice tournament XIs. But what do they know? They’ll probably have based the selections on things like ‘reason’ and ‘merit’. The crazy bastards. Don’t worry, you’ll get no such thing from us here at Twinty Tin as our four key contributors each selected their own Team of the World Cup. Continue reading


Match Preview 64: Netherlands vs Spain (the final)

11 Jul

A final from the house that Johan Cruyff built.  The Netherlands, synonymous with Total Football and a fine lineage of free-flowing attacking fluidity, taking on the secondary benefactors of the former Ajax man’s unique footballing philosophy, Spain.  Continue reading

Match Preview 57: Netherlands vs Brazil (quarter-final)

2 Jul

Netherlands versus Brazil is a match which elicits some of the greatest World Cup memories: Johan Cruyff’s volley – to some, the seminal moment in the Total Football revolution – Branco’s free-kick, Bebeto’s celebration, Patrick Kluivert’s header.  All of these moments are etched into the tournament’s folklore.  Great snap-shots from the histories of the two most attacking teams of all time.  Continue reading

Match Preview 53: Netherlands vs Slovakia (round two)

28 Jun

Slovakia were mediocre in their first game, dire in their second, but somehow mustered a brilliant performance in their last group match to knock out the World Cup holders, Italy. It’s hard to place that victory in context, because the Azzurri were such a dreadful side at this year’s finals – lacking in cohesion, tactical clarity and flair.  The Netherlands, while not a side without faults, are a strong unit, and should certainly pose a greater threat. Continue reading