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Match Report: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

11 Jul

Its the BBC’s coverage for Twinty Tin tonight, a decision vindicated by the probing questioning of Damian Johnson who asks an orange tracksuit clad Clarence Seedorf  “Still going for Holland?” The BBC have at least given the occasion suitable gravitas by ensuring their presenter and pundit panel are in full suits tonight rather than their usual Gentlemen’s Club shirt and trousers. And of course the other reason for opting for the Beeb’s coverage is that they know how to put together a damn good sporting montage, the one they produce in the lead up to kick-off being particularly superb. Continue reading


On this day… 11th July 1982

11 Jul

And so here we are, at the tournament’s end, the sixty-fourth game of the 2010 World Cup, and after all the expectation and excitement surrounding Argentina and Brazil, it is an all European Final between Netherlands and Spain. The 1982 tournament also saw a much-fancied Brazil side bow out earlier than expected to give way to an all European denouement; West Germany and Italy who faced each other in the World Cup final, on this day twenty-eight years ago. Continue reading

Match Preview 64: Netherlands vs Spain (the final)

11 Jul

A final from the house that Johan Cruyff built.  The Netherlands, synonymous with Total Football and a fine lineage of free-flowing attacking fluidity, taking on the secondary benefactors of the former Ajax man’s unique footballing philosophy, Spain.  Continue reading

On this day… 9th July 2006

9 Jul

The 2006 World Cup was an odd one for me. Having followed the tournament intently from the start, I flew to the United States the morning after England’s quarter-final exit (incidentally seeing the passenger next to you produce a newspaper with the headline of End of the World just before take-off does not lead to carefree flying) and subsequently the semi-finals and final itself barely registered with me. I watched the final flat-out on a motel bed in San Antonio, air conditioning on full, as I wilted in the early afternoon Texan heat on this day, four years ago. Continue reading

On this day… 7th July 1974

7 Jul

And so the Netherlands have made it through to their third World Cup Final. Having faced West Germany in Munich in 1974 and Argentina in Buenos Aires in 1978 the Dutch are already in a much better position than their previous two finals, in that for once they will not be the ‘away’ side.  Should Germany defeat Spain later this evening then we will be set for (political reunification of one of the constituent nations considered) a replica of one of those previous finals which took place on this day, thirty-six years ago. Continue reading

On this day… 29th June 1986

29 Jun

I’ve alluded to this before in our On This Day feature, but only ever having watched the World Cup through television coverage produced by your own country ensures that you have an unintentionally selective memory of past tournaments. Take the 1986 tournament is a prime example, I was just three years-old when it took place so have no first had memories of it, but I have seen footage of it. And so I’ve seen Gordon Strachan scoring against West Germany and then being pole-axed against Uruguay. I’ve seen Pat Jennings left bemused by Josimar’s stunning debut strike. I’ve seen all there is to see from the Argentina vs England quarter-final. I’ve seen Diego Maradona’s solo goal against Belgium from the subsequent semi-final, and even seen Maradona lifting the trophy. Only on researching this feature however (yes we do research) ,did it dawn on me though that I had never seen any footage of the final itself, the match between West Germany and Argentina, which took place twenty-four years ago today. Continue reading

On this day… 24th June 1958

24 Jun

Brazil are much fancied at this year’s tournament, as indeed they are at every World Cup. The South American nation have lifted the World Cup more times than any other nation, but it took them six tournaments to get off the mark. On this day fifty-two years ago Brazil achieved the first of their five Global crowns. Continue reading