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Match Report: Germany 3-2 Uruguay

10 Jul

The rain is falling in the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, but that’s not going to stop the World Cup’s evil overlord as Sepp Blatter makes it out onto the pitch to meet the teams. The Uruguayan squad are not vieiwing the third place match as anything other than another battle and at the culmination of their National Anthem most of the squad break out into some old school warm-up exercises, all running on the spot and squat-thrusts. Germany have made a few squad changes meaning Bastian Schweinsteiger has taken over as captain from Philipp Lahm, the former possessing that rarest of things, a neck wider than his own head. Continue reading


On this day… 10th July 1994

10 Jul

Germany play in the third place play-off tonight, and if any nation’s presence in the last four should come as no surprise it should be theirs. The 2010 World Cup represents the twelfth time Germany (or West Germany) has appeared in the semi-finals, that’s one more occasion than the rest of this year’s semi-finalists combined. Only twice in the last eight tournaments have Germany failed to reach the World Cup semi-finals, the first of which came courtesy of a shock quarter-final defeat to Bulgaria which happened on this day sixteen years ago. Continue reading

Match Preview 63: Germany vs Uruguay (third place play-off)

10 Jul

The match that nobody wants to take part in… because they’d rather be on a beach, forgetting that 3 days ago they just lost the most important game of their lives. Continue reading

Match Report: Germany 0-1 Spain

7 Jul

Has it really taken until the semi-final for one of the mascots to get above their station and give a cheeky wink and a wave to the camera as it pans along the line during the Anthems? Someone at FIFA does have a sense of humour though it seems, having ensured one of the tallest mascots of the tournament thus far is placed next to Philipp Lahm. With the match underway Guy Mowbray describes the opening exchanges as being “cagey”, though perhaps it may be fair to wait a little more than two minutes in is a little early to be sure. Continue reading

Match Preview 62: Spain vs Germany (semi-final)

7 Jul

Germany have, perhaps, announced themselves as favourites for the World Cup crown after back to back four-goal demolitions of genuine contenders Argentina, and… England. They are a deadly counter-attacking force, and have exploited opposition weaknesses better than any other team in the tournament.  In many respects they are ideally placed to defeat a Spain side who are defensively unsteady and operate with a high back-line.  Continue reading

Match Report: Argentina 0-4 Germany

3 Jul

Argentina versus Germany in Cape Town and what commentator Steve Wilson calls “a bona-fide clash of the titans”. I moved house this morning and yet my to do list was still shorter than that of the respective teams and captains once they’re out on the field. Escort mascot. Read out anti-racism message. Sing National Anthem. Shake hands with everyone. Quick Warm-up. Pose with big anti-racism banner. Do coin-toss. All these chores finally done, the two teams just have ‘advance to semi-finals’ left scrawled on the back of an envelope and so we finally get the game under way. Continue reading

Match Preview 59: Argentina vs Germany (quarter-final)

3 Jul

For those who appreciate free-flowing, attacking football, this is the stand out tie of the quarter-finals.  One which seems to have developed something of an edge in the pre-match build up.  Phillip Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger have both spoken of ‘the South American temperament’ and ‘bat-shit crazy’ Diego Maradona has responded by putting on a mock German voice and suggesting the opposition are scared.  Much of this hostility is a hangover from the last time the two sides met in 2006, where a post-match brawl ensued and Leandro Cufre received a red card for kicking Per Mertesacker in the groin. Continue reading

Match Report: Germany 4-1 England

27 Jun

In the run up to kick-off the BBC again go through their prepared VT as they did before the group stage match against Slovenia; a cringeworthy spoof news alert on the notion of ‘England Fever’ sweeping the nation followed by Brian Blessed belting “Once more into the breach”, once more. “It worked last time,” says Gary Lineker, although they’ve tampered with the format slightly as this time Blessed’s is joined by noted Shakespearean Dizzee Rascal in his recital. I can’t be the only one thinking the Tears for Fears cover Dizzee has produced with James Corden would have been much better as a collaboration with Blessed. “Shout. Shout. Let it ALL out!” The BBC may be patriotic in their coverage, but they continue to refer to ‘England’ rather than ‘we’ or ‘us’ and they are much the better for it. Continue reading

Match Preview 51: England vs Germany (round two)

27 Jun

Two World Wars.  Sauerkraut.  The Russian lineman.  1966.  Penalties.  Andreas Moller.  Paul Gascoigne’s tears.  5-1 in Munich.  Chris Waddle, Gareth Southgate and Stuart Pearce.  Montezuma’s Revenge.  There, it’s out the way. Now, we can move on.  Continue reading

Match Report: Ghana 0-1 Germany / Australia 2-1 Serbia

23 Jun

“Hands up those of you who would like to see Germany go out. Thought there might be a few of you,” is Clive Tyldsley’s opening gambit in Soccer City though I’d rather see Germany stay in the competition than Tyldsley personally. That said, having just spotted someone in the crowd with a large cooking pot on their head in Ghanaian colours I shall find it hard not to root for the African side. “England are through, who wants to join us?” asks Tyldsley and it is incredibly hard not to switch over to Australia versus Serbia. Only the intrigue of the Boateng brotherly battle, Germany’s Jerome and Ghana’s Kevin Prince, keeps me on this game. Continue reading