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On this day… 11th July 1982

11 Jul

And so here we are, at the tournament’s end, the sixty-fourth game of the 2010 World Cup, and after all the expectation and excitement surrounding Argentina and Brazil, it is an all European Final between Netherlands and Spain. The 1982 tournament also saw a much-fancied Brazil side bow out earlier than expected to give way to an all European denouement; West Germany and Italy who faced each other in the World Cup final, on this day twenty-eight years ago. Continue reading


On this day… 9th July 2006

9 Jul

The 2006 World Cup was an odd one for me. Having followed the tournament intently from the start, I flew to the United States the morning after England’s quarter-final exit (incidentally seeing the passenger next to you produce a newspaper with the headline of End of the World just before take-off does not lead to carefree flying) and subsequently the semi-finals and final itself barely registered with me. I watched the final flat-out on a motel bed in San Antonio, air conditioning on full, as I wilted in the early afternoon Texan heat on this day, four years ago. Continue reading

On this day… 5th July 1982

5 Jul

The 1982 World Cup was the last to feature a second round group stage. The six group winners and six runners-up from the first round had progressed to be placed into four groups of three, the winners of which would advance to the semi-finals. The draw for the second round produced arguably the most daunting grouping possible, the ultimate ‘Group of Death’ as holders Argentina, favourites Brazil and strongly fancied Italy all placed together in Group C. Only one of the three could progress and the match which decided who, took place twenty-eight years ago today. Continue reading

Match Report: New Zealand 0-0 Paraguay / Italy 2-3 Slovakia

24 Jun

Between Peter Drury’s opening commentary and the sight of an Italian substitute wearing sunglasses in the dugout I decide that I will be better served watching Paraguay play New Zealand as Group F comes to a close. This will later prove my worse decision of the World Cup.  Chances are decidedly thin on the ground as a deep free-kick which just evades Chris Killen is as good as it gets for New Zealand whilst at the other end Denis Caniza continues to whack speculative long-range strike after speculative long-range strike into the crowd. “New Zealand’s 3-4-3 is working well for them” claims Craig Burley though given that they need to score and have failed to have a shot in the opening half an hour I am not sure it’s proving all that productive myself. Continue reading

Match Preview 41: Slovakia vs Italy (Group F)

24 Jun

How the mighty have fallen at this World Cup.  England, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy have all struggled, with the latter’s draw against New Zealand symptomatic of this ‘big gun’ malaise.  Marcelo Lippi must wonder why he came back.  After setting the bar so high with victory four years ago, he has an unenviable task trying to match that in South Africa.  In light of two disappointing draws, his ability to restore Italy to former glory is being questioned, especially after his poor tactical decisions against the Kiwis. Continue reading

On this day… 21st June 1970

21 Jun

For many people the 1970 World Cup in Mexico remains the benchmark tournament. It had a lot going for it of course, the first to be fully broadcast in colour and the first overseas tournament that didn’t involve a two-day wait for film highlights to be ferried back. It saw the debut of the iconic Adidas Telstar matchball, the template for every cartoon football ever drawn since. And of course it was won by what most perceive to be the greatest team, Brazil, led by the man commonly regarded as the greatest player Pele. On this day, forty years ago, Brazil were crowned World Cup Champions. Continue reading

Match Report: Italy 1-1 New Zealand

20 Jun

Clive Tyldsley’s preamble to this match concerns the unrest and the unhappiness amongst Italians at the start the national team made to the competition, drawing with Paraguay, though this is undermined a little as mid-way through Tyldsley’s introduction the camera focuses on a smiling Fabio Cannavaro. Italy are clearly keen to prove a point in this fixture though and they belt out the National Anthem with such gusto that the mascots in front of actually look genuinely scared. Continue reading

Match Preview 28: Italy vs New Zealand (Group F)

20 Jun

True to stereotype, the Italians started slow, battling to find rhythm and cohesion against an organised Paraguay. Ironically, given England’s current trials and tribulations with an Italian coach favouring an archaic formation, it wasn’t until Marcelo Lippi switched to 4-4-2 that they got a foothold in the game.  Continue reading

On this day… 18th June 1994

18 Jun

In 1994 the World Cup wandered into new territory, with FIFA having awarded the finals, much to the derision of other nations, to the USA. The Americans had embraced the tournament as only they can with a razzmatazz heavy opening ceremony that if nothing else ensured Diana Ross would never be forgotten by football fans. But that was yesterday, sixteen years ago yesterday to be precise, and in this feature we look back only to today. On this day in 1994 the United States played their first World Cup finals match as a home team. Continue reading

On this day… 17th June 1970

17 Jun

The 1970 World Cup is remembered in this country primarily for two things, Gordon Banks’ save from Pele in the England v Brazil group fixture, and the subsequent football played by Brazil en route to ultimately winning the tournament. However there was much more to the tournament than men in yellow leaping for joy down a far touchline. On this day forty years ago two European sides played out a semi-final that would be referred to as the Game of the Century. Continue reading