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Match Report: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

11 Jul

Its the BBC’s coverage for Twinty Tin tonight, a decision vindicated by the probing questioning of Damian Johnson who asks an orange tracksuit clad Clarence Seedorf  “Still going for Holland?” The BBC have at least given the occasion suitable gravitas by ensuring their presenter and pundit panel are in full suits tonight rather than their usual Gentlemen’s Club shirt and trousers. And of course the other reason for opting for the Beeb’s coverage is that they know how to put together a damn good sporting montage, the one they produce in the lead up to kick-off being particularly superb. Continue reading


Match Preview 64: Netherlands vs Spain (the final)

11 Jul

A final from the house that Johan Cruyff built.  The Netherlands, synonymous with Total Football and a fine lineage of free-flowing attacking fluidity, taking on the secondary benefactors of the former Ajax man’s unique footballing philosophy, Spain.  Continue reading

On this day… 7th July 1974

7 Jul

And so the Netherlands have made it through to their third World Cup Final. Having faced West Germany in Munich in 1974 and Argentina in Buenos Aires in 1978 the Dutch are already in a much better position than their previous two finals, in that for once they will not be the ‘away’ side.  Should Germany defeat Spain later this evening then we will be set for (political reunification of one of the constituent nations considered) a replica of one of those previous finals which took place on this day, thirty-six years ago. Continue reading

Match Report: Netherlands 3-2 Uruguay

6 Jul

Even on my relatively small screen television I can effectively count Diego Forlan’s nostril hairs during the Uruguayan National Anthem as the cameraman zooms in unsettlingly close to the stand-in captain. During the Dutch Anthem Wesley Sneijder appears genuinely curiously surprised by the presence of the camera in front of him, like he’s just caught sight of himself on a television in the window of Dixons. Clive Tyldesley has already curiously described Netherlands as “the pin-up team” of the competition, but he does go on to point out that they have become “prepared to win ugly”, the camera cutting to a close-up of Arjen Robben on the last word of that phrase with impeccable timing. Tyldsley is flying solo tonight as the hardest working man in showbusiness Jim Beglin has worked too hard. After a month with Tyldsley he can stand no more and has been taken ill. Continue reading

Match Preview 61: Netherlands vs Uruguay (semi-final)

6 Jul

Luis Suarez based controversy aside, the Uruguayans have more than earned their place in today’s first semi-final.  Solid in defence and assured in attack, they have taken every chance with which they were presented.  Continue reading

Match Preview 57: Netherlands vs Brazil (quarter-final)

2 Jul

Netherlands versus Brazil is a match which elicits some of the greatest World Cup memories: Johan Cruyff’s volley – to some, the seminal moment in the Total Football revolution – Branco’s free-kick, Bebeto’s celebration, Patrick Kluivert’s header.  All of these moments are etched into the tournament’s folklore.  Great snap-shots from the histories of the two most attacking teams of all time.  Continue reading

Match Report: Netherlands 2-1 Slovakia

28 Jun

In the BBC studio Gary Lineker presses Clarence Seedorf on the key differences in the coaching methods between football in the Netherlands and England. It has the makings of being quite an interesting conversation and then Alan Shearer stomps over it with an inane point about the Dutch at this tournament not being tested yet and the moment is lost. Perhaps its an unwillingness to listen that’s hampering the English game? In the tunnel the camera focuses on Arjen Robben. He is younger than me by a good year, but he looks old enough to be my dad. Continue reading

Match Preview 53: Netherlands vs Slovakia (round two)

28 Jun

Slovakia were mediocre in their first game, dire in their second, but somehow mustered a brilliant performance in their last group match to knock out the World Cup holders, Italy. It’s hard to place that victory in context, because the Azzurri were such a dreadful side at this year’s finals – lacking in cohesion, tactical clarity and flair.  The Netherlands, while not a side without faults, are a strong unit, and should certainly pose a greater threat. Continue reading

Match Report: Denmark 1-3 Japan / Cameroon 1-2 Netherlands

24 Jun

It’s a mark of a great commentator I feel when they’ve mastered the art of conveying the viewer’s exact thoughts. Steve Wilson manages to do that in the lead up to Japan’s game with Denmark as the camera pans across a number of Japanese fans who appear to be dressed as some kind of Samurai bowling pins and he proclaims “What on earth are they?” A lot of National Anthems build up to exciting rousing conclusions, not these two. Both the Japanese and Danish Anthems have a composed at five to five on a Friday feel about them, petering out in a that’ll do way. The fourth official for this game is the giant bald Swede Martin Hansson, as indeed it seems to be at every game in this World Cup. Continue reading

Match Preview 44: Netherlands vs Cameroon (Group E)

24 Jun

An odd game for both teams.  Cameroon have nothing to gain but pride, while the Netherlands, only needing a draw to secure top spot, face a match where their most prominent concern is to avoid picking up injuries. Continue reading