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World Cup Top Tin; #5 Worst Kits

9 Jul

International football kit design is not an area in which it is easy to make mistakes. The basic colours and styles have long been traditionally established, often to the point of also being the team’s nickname, and you don’t have any fiddly or awkwardly coloured sponsors logos to factor in. And yet some countries continue to get it all wrong, all very, very wrong. Here Twinty Tin looks at those who have taken to the field with all the sartorial style of Dame Edna Everage Continue reading


On this day… 13th June 1986

13 Jun

Apologies to Scottish readers for mentioning this twice within a few days, but Scotland have never made it beyond the group at a World Cup Finals. Its a record even more disappointing and surprsing when you take into account that for some years, with the better third placed teams also earning a passage through, more World Cup finals teams progressed to the second round than actually went home after the first. I do apologise if this feels like I’m rubbing it in, but I am merely trying to proide contest for the events of twenty-four years ago today when Scotland faced Uruguay. Continue reading

On this day… 11th June 1978

11 Jun

Having featured England earlier in the week, we are perhaps over due a feature on the Home Nations’ second most regular World Cup participant. Scotland have featured in eight World Cup finals tournaments, over which time they have infamously mastered the art of going out in the group stages. The Scots therefore don’t necessarily have too many great memories of World Cups gone, and of what positives there are, one stands out above the rest. Yep, thirty-two years ago today Scotland faced the Netherlands, and Archie Gemmill scored that goal. Continue reading