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Twinty Tin’s Token Award Based World Cup Review Piece

12 Jul

The tournament may be over, but Twinty Tin isn’t quite done yet. As every other football related website on the planet ‘takes a look back’ at this year’s World Cup we decided to do something a little different. Sadly though the lack of a suitable arena hindered our planned World Cup 2010 On Ice spectacular and so we’ve had to fall back on plan B and just do one of those token award based round ups. Here’s the best and the worst and the ideal television panel of this year’s World Cup as viewed by the Twinty Tin team. Continue reading


World Cup Top Tin; #5 Worst Kits

9 Jul

International football kit design is not an area in which it is easy to make mistakes. The basic colours and styles have long been traditionally established, often to the point of also being the team’s nickname, and you don’t have any fiddly or awkwardly coloured sponsors logos to factor in. And yet some countries continue to get it all wrong, all very, very wrong. Here Twinty Tin looks at those who have taken to the field with all the sartorial style of Dame Edna Everage Continue reading

Match Report: Uruguay 1-0 Mexico / South Africa 2-1 France

22 Jun

And so it’s come down to this, the denouement of Group A, four teams in action but only two can be successful. So congratulations to Mexico and Uruguay as I’ve chosen to turn my attention to your game, on the basis that, French implosion aside, the other match can only get interesting if this one does. The downside of this is that in doing so I’ve let myself in for another ninety minutes of Peter Drury and Jim Beglin for the second time in less that twenty-four hours. I should have watched this at work, then at least I could have put in a complaint for harassment in the workplace. Continue reading

Match Preview 34: South Africa vs France (Group A)

22 Jun

When your starting forward allegedly tells the manager to “go fuck yourself, you dirty son of a whore”, it suggests squad relations are a tad strained. Nicolas Anelka has subsequently been sent home for his comments, but the fall-out continues, with the players  refusing to train yesterday as a show of support for the potty mouthed Chelsea frontman.  Continue reading

Match Report: South Africa 0-3 Uruguay

16 Jun

All of the BBC’s pre-match focus is unsurprisingly, and perhaps deservedly so given the history of this date in South Africa, on the hosts.Tthough you have to be impressed by Jurgen Klinsmann’s resolute professionalism. Despite being shown a gleeful school choir, an impassioned speech by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and the South African team themselves singing en route to the stadium he’s refusing to let sentiment cloud his judgement and steadfastly maintains his prediction of Uruguay win. It’s that sort of resolve that wins World Cups you know. Continue reading

Match Preview 17: South Africa vs Uruguay (Group A)

16 Jun

Today’s last tie sees the two most negative members of Group A face off as the tournament moves into the second round of games. In their opening matches, both South Africa and Uruguay held a deep defensive line and looked to pick off their opponents on the counter.  South Africa proved much more adept at this after taking the lead through Siphiwe Tshabalala’s breathtaking finish to a crisp breakaway move.  In the end they were undone by sloppy marking from a set-piece, and their manager Carlos Alberto Parreira will hope to have addressed that deficiency before this encounter.   Continue reading

Match Report: South Africa 1-1 Mexico

11 Jun

If you want a tournament opened with pre-conceived hyperbolic staccato then ITV are your go to guys. Peter Drury is so awed by the occasion that in the run up to kick-off he is rendered unable to speak in sentences of more than eight syllables. The main man himself Sepp Blatter comes out onto the field to get proceedings underway and, possibly overwhelmed by such a rare collective display of positivity at his arrival, promptly comes over all rock and roll front man. First he casually takes the mic from its stand and then plays up to the crowd “We’re here in Africa” (huge cheer), “in South Africa” (bigger cheer). I’m quite disappointed he didn’t continue his act, “Is anyone in tonight from Johannesburg?” Continue reading