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Match Report: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

11 Jul

Its the BBC’s coverage for Twinty Tin tonight, a decision vindicated by the probing questioning of Damian Johnson who asks an orange tracksuit clad Clarence Seedorf  “Still going for Holland?” The BBC have at least given the occasion suitable gravitas by ensuring their presenter and pundit panel are in full suits tonight rather than their usual Gentlemen’s Club shirt and trousers. And of course the other reason for opting for the Beeb’s coverage is that they know how to put together a damn good sporting montage, the one they produce in the lead up to kick-off being particularly superb. Continue reading


Match Preview 64: Netherlands vs Spain (the final)

11 Jul

A final from the house that Johan Cruyff built.  The Netherlands, synonymous with Total Football and a fine lineage of free-flowing attacking fluidity, taking on the secondary benefactors of the former Ajax man’s unique footballing philosophy, Spain.  Continue reading

Match Report: Germany 0-1 Spain

7 Jul

Has it really taken until the semi-final for one of the mascots to get above their station and give a cheeky wink and a wave to the camera as it pans along the line during the Anthems? Someone at FIFA does have a sense of humour though it seems, having ensured one of the tallest mascots of the tournament thus far is placed next to Philipp Lahm. With the match underway Guy Mowbray describes the opening exchanges as being “cagey”, though perhaps it may be fair to wait a little more than two minutes in is a little early to be sure. Continue reading

Match Preview 62: Spain vs Germany (semi-final)

7 Jul

Germany have, perhaps, announced themselves as favourites for the World Cup crown after back to back four-goal demolitions of genuine contenders Argentina, and… England. They are a deadly counter-attacking force, and have exploited opposition weaknesses better than any other team in the tournament.  In many respects they are ideally placed to defeat a Spain side who are defensively unsteady and operate with a high back-line.  Continue reading

Match Report: Paraguay 0-1 Spain

3 Jul

The final quarter-final begins with more messages against racism from the two captains, though Paraguay’s Justo Villar looks slightly less composed as he initially forgets to turn on his microphone. I am quite fond of Villar, primarily because he seems to be one of the few players in the tournament to be genuinely enjoying himself, he’s like a jocular sitcom neighbour. Nelson Valdez on the other hand is a particularly stern looking man, his face is all angles, he looks like a cubist painting of Antonio Banderes. Paraguay have made six changes to the side that edged past Japan on penalties in the second round and just as Mark Bright and Jonathan Pearce are effectively writing off their prospects they create the game’s first chance. Oscar Cardozo a man apparently nicknamed The Big Pain, feeds Jonathan Santana and he has a low shot from the edge of the area but Iker Casillas gets down to make a comfortable save. Continue reading

Match Preview 60: Spain vs Paraguay (quarter-final)

3 Jul

Spain have recovered from a poor start, and a short-lived identity crisis, to contest the quarter-finals against a Paraguay team who shouldn’t be underestimated.  Continue reading

Match Preview 56: Spain vs Portugal (round two)

29 Jun

The Iberian derby promises potentially great things, but much will be dependent on how Portugal decide to play. If it’s the open, attacking, side which destroyed North Korea then we are in for a treat.  But, it could be the cynical, histrionic prone, penalty seekers which have dogged the knockout rounds of previous tournaments.  Continue reading

Match Report: Chile 1-2 Spain / Honduras 0-0 Switzerland

25 Jun

Clive Tydsley seems to be spoiling for a fight in the Loftus Versfield Stadium, “Looks like a good tunnel for a ruck that” he says to begin his coverage In the crowd a cardboard sign proclaiming ‘Spain will eat Chile tonight’ suggesting Tyldsley may have to up his game in the awful pun stakes tonight. The intro to the Chilean National Anthem rather unfortunately sounds like the music that should herald the arrival of the Chuckle Brothers at a Variety Show, and it provides suitable laughter amongst the mascots. The end of the musical accompaniment doesn’t bring an end to the Chilean fans singing and the Spanish Anthem has already begun before the South Americans are done belting out their words. Continue reading

Match Preview 47: Chile vs Spain (Group H)

25 Jun

Attack vs Attack.  Marcelo Bielsa’s gung-ho Chileans against the current European style kings.  It promises to be a fascinating tie, with Spain needing a win to assure progression and La Roja, even after two victories, by no means guaranteed to go through.  Continue reading

On this day… 25th June 1982

25 Jun

After yesterday’s heroics from Slovakia in knocking the current holders out of the tournament it seems suitable to use this feature to look at another upset from a past World Cup. In 1982 Northern Ireland qualified for their first World Cup Finals since 1958 and found themselves in a daunting group featuring Yugoslavia and the hosts Spain. After beginning with draws against the Yugoslav team and Honduras, Northern Ireland went into their final group game, twenty-eight years ago today knowing that only victory over the Spanish would guarantee they remained in the competition. Continue reading