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Match Report: Germany 3-2 Uruguay

10 Jul

The rain is falling in the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, but that’s not going to stop the World Cup’s evil overlord as Sepp Blatter makes it out onto the pitch to meet the teams. The Uruguayan squad are not vieiwing the third place match as anything other than another battle and at the culmination of their National Anthem most of the squad break out into some old school warm-up exercises, all running on the spot and squat-thrusts. Germany have made a few squad changes meaning Bastian Schweinsteiger has taken over as captain from Philipp Lahm, the former possessing that rarest of things, a neck wider than his own head. Continue reading


Match Preview 63: Germany vs Uruguay (third place play-off)

10 Jul

The match that nobody wants to take part in… because they’d rather be on a beach, forgetting that 3 days ago they just lost the most important game of their lives. Continue reading

Match Report: Netherlands 3-2 Uruguay

6 Jul

Even on my relatively small screen television I can effectively count Diego Forlan’s nostril hairs during the Uruguayan National Anthem as the cameraman zooms in unsettlingly close to the stand-in captain. During the Dutch Anthem Wesley Sneijder appears genuinely curiously surprised by the presence of the camera in front of him, like he’s just caught sight of himself on a television in the window of Dixons. Clive Tyldesley has already curiously described Netherlands as “the pin-up team” of the competition, but he does go on to point out that they have become “prepared to win ugly”, the camera cutting to a close-up of Arjen Robben on the last word of that phrase with impeccable timing. Tyldsley is flying solo tonight as the hardest working man in showbusiness Jim Beglin has worked too hard. After a month with Tyldsley he can stand no more and has been taken ill. Continue reading

Match Preview 61: Netherlands vs Uruguay (semi-final)

6 Jul

Luis Suarez based controversy aside, the Uruguayans have more than earned their place in today’s first semi-final.  Solid in defence and assured in attack, they have taken every chance with which they were presented.  Continue reading

Match Report: Ghana 1-1 Uruguay (2-4 on penalties)

2 Jul

In case you weren’t aware ITV pundit Marcel Desailly is Ghanian. He’s so proudly Ghanaian that he made 116 international appearances… for France. And because Marcel is now Ghanaian again, and because they just can’t cope with the idea of an independent sports broadcaster ITV have decided that they too are rooting for Ghana. So much so that they have dispensed Ned Boulting to Accra, so swiftly that he didn’t have time to pack a coat and so he’s spent the day traipsing round the Ghanaian capital, well, at least one street of it, in a sodden t-shit interviewing the locals. I suspect that poor Boulting, who sits in the tiny overlap on the Venn Diagram of ITV Sports Coverage and Presenters I Genuinely Like didn’t even know he was going, and was in fact drugged and put on the plane in his sleep akin to the way the A-Team got Mr T in the air. Continue reading

Match Preview 58: Uruguay vs Ghana (quarter-final)

2 Jul

Africa’s remaining hope against the former footballing giants.  Coming into this summer’s World Cup not many pundits would have tipped either Ghana or Uruguay for a potential semi-final berth.  While some may argue that the form of France and a relatively weak side of the draw has aided their respective causes, it would be churlish to say they aren’t good teams who are in the quarters on merit.  Continue reading

Match Report: South Korea 1-2 Uruguay

26 Jun

After two weeks and forty-eight matches of group stage kickabouts its time at last for the second round of this year’s World Cup. As John Champion announces, “The World Cup gets serious,” although there is brief confusion that ITV are about to revive an old gameshow instead as he continues with, “Its a Knockout. Next” before going into an ad break.There are signs early on that this could be a lively game between Uruguay and South Korea with both nations attacking in the opening minutes. Continue reading

Match Preview 49: Uruguay vs South Korea (round two)

26 Jun

Uruguay have emerged as dark horses during this World Cup and, sitting as they do on the ‘weak’ side of the draw, can be confident of reaching the semi-finals.  First, however, they must look to defeat a well drilled South Korea side. Continue reading

Uruguay at the 1970 World Cup

25 Jun

After Wednesday’s World Cup matches it became clear that one of the tournament’s semi-finalists will come from the unexpected quartet of South Korea, Uruguay, Ghana or the United States with many considering Uruguay as favourites to win through after some impressive performances in Group A. Anyone with even a vague knowledge of World Cup history will know that Uruguay have a couple of World Cup trophy wins under their belt in the 30s/50s. But what about the team from 1970, the team who were the last South American side, other than Brazil or Argentina, to reach the semi finals of the World Cup? Continue reading

Match Report: Uruguay 1-0 Mexico / South Africa 2-1 France

22 Jun

And so it’s come down to this, the denouement of Group A, four teams in action but only two can be successful. So congratulations to Mexico and Uruguay as I’ve chosen to turn my attention to your game, on the basis that, French implosion aside, the other match can only get interesting if this one does. The downside of this is that in doing so I’ve let myself in for another ninety minutes of Peter Drury and Jim Beglin for the second time in less that twenty-four hours. I should have watched this at work, then at least I could have put in a complaint for harassment in the workplace. Continue reading