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World Cup Top Tin; #5 Worst Kits

9 Jul

International football kit design is not an area in which it is easy to make mistakes. The basic colours and styles have long been traditionally established, often to the point of also being the team’s nickname, and you don’t have any fiddly or awkwardly coloured sponsors logos to factor in. And yet some countries continue to get it all wrong, all very, very wrong. Here Twinty Tin looks at those who have taken to the field with all the sartorial style of Dame Edna Everage Continue reading


Match Report: Ghana 2-1 USA

26 Jun

If Marcel Desailly is so passionately and proudly Ghanaian why did he play so many games for France? It seems as far as ITV are concerned the Ghanaian nation is all-encompassing and they have already brought us a montage of football supporters of different African fans proclaiming “I am Ghana” to the camera long before Peter Drury begins his commentary with “It’s the United States of America against the United States of Africa”. If Germany reach the final will we get a montage of English Spanish and Dutch fans proclaiming “I am Germany”? I suspect not. My personal annoyances are quelled though as we’re treated to one of my favourite camera shots of the tournament thus far, looking into the stadium from outside, supporters silhouetted in the foreground as the US team sing their Anthem out on the brightly illuminated turf. Continue reading

Match Preview 50: Ghana vs USA (round two)

26 Jun

After Landon Donovan’s 92nd minute rescue mission, the USA go into the last sixteen on a Hollywood style high.  The coach, Bob Bradley, and Donovan himself cried on TV in the aftermath of that dramatic victory, and legendary swordsman, Bill Clinton, rescheduled his diary so that he could watch the Stars and Stripes in the knockout rounds.  The bandwagon gathers pace… Continue reading

Match Report: England 1-0 Slovenia / Algeria 0-1 USA

23 Jun

Watching the pre-match build-up on the BBC brings forth a number of questions. Why can’t all footballers give interviews as intelligently as David James? Why isn’t David James interviewed more? Why has Harry Redknapp suddenly appeared in South Africa? Why is he being asked his opinions in a lavatory cubicle in the dark? Why are the England team introduced in front of a spare backdrop from a Rhianna tour? And does John Terry represent the biggest gap between income and apparent amount spent on a haircut of any one person on the planet? Continue reading

Match Preview 38: Algeria vs USA (Group C)

23 Jun

The USA might consider themselves unlucky not to be better placed to qualify from Group C.  The laws of Karma, if not football, suggest that the five fouls committed by Slovenian defenders cancel out the one made by Herculez ‘Best Name in the World Cup’ Gomez.  But alas no, meaning Maurice Edu’s late strike was stricken from the records and the Stars and Stripes had to settle for a point. Continue reading

On this day… 22nd June 1986

22 Jun

Twenty-four years ago an England team had a disastrous start to a World Cup finals campaign, beaten by an unfancied Portugal side, held to a goalless draw by Morocco and without the services of Brian Robson whose shoulder had fallen off and Ray Wilkins who had been sent off against the North African side. But then it all started going right for England. Gary Lineker hit a hat-trick against Poland in the final group game, and he hit too more against Paraguay in the second round to set up a quarter-final with Argentina and a chance, on this day in 1986, to prove they could cut it against the best in the world, and not just those nations beginning with ‘P’. Continue reading

Match Report: USA 2-2 Slovenia

18 Jun

I can’t be the only one watching the teams come out game after game hoping that eventually one of the groups of flag carrying children will succumb to temptation and use their flag to try and knock the match ball from its plinth. The glint in the eye of the lad leading out the FIFA fair play logo suggests this could be the moment, but alas he bottles it. “Referee Koman Coulibaly of Mali leads out the two teams” says Steve Wilson and if he’s right then Mr Coulibaly should be told he has dressed far too formally for the occasion as a man in a suit is first out the tunnel. Panic over, it turns out that suit-man, as he paces out ten yards from the side of the field, points to the floor then returns to the touchline, is just a busybody who feels that the teams and match officials can’t be trusted to find the right place for the Anthems. He’s probably FIFA’s Director of Diplomatic Affairs. Continue reading

On this day… 18th June 1994

18 Jun

In 1994 the World Cup wandered into new territory, with FIFA having awarded the finals, much to the derision of other nations, to the USA. The Americans had embraced the tournament as only they can with a razzmatazz heavy opening ceremony that if nothing else ensured Diana Ross would never be forgotten by football fans. But that was yesterday, sixteen years ago yesterday to be precise, and in this feature we look back only to today. On this day in 1994 the United States played their first World Cup finals match as a home team. Continue reading

Match Preview 22: Slovenia vs USA (Group C)

18 Jun

Against England, the USA proved once again that they are no international roll-overs.  The nation’s media, as is their wont, expected an easy victory for Three Lions which played right into American hands, who must relish the fact they are continually underestimated on the world stage. Continue reading

Match Report; England 1-1 USA

12 Jun

Well, this match finally confirmed the suspicions of many, ITV have completely done away with any notion of impartiality in sports broadcasting. Adrian Chiles has already presented a two-minute bit about how ‘we’ have to beat the USA before Clive Tyldsley’s preamble continues the patriotism whilst the players wait in the tunnel; “They play their sports, we play ours”. For the first time we’re able to hear FIFA’s entrance music as the teams make their way onto the pitch, it sounds like the incidental music you’d hear in a Police Academy film after a once doubted character has been redeemed. The two anthems are ceremoniously belted out by the Rustenburg crowd, a nervous Stuart Pearce checks his watch, and its time at last. For ITV to cram in some adverts. Continue reading