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On this day… 11th July 1982

11 Jul

And so here we are, at the tournament’s end, the sixty-fourth game of the 2010 World Cup, and after all the expectation and excitement surrounding Argentina and Brazil, it is an all European Final between Netherlands and Spain. The 1982 tournament also saw a much-fancied Brazil side bow out earlier than expected to give way to an all European denouement; West Germany and Italy who faced each other in the World Cup final, on this day twenty-eight years ago. Continue reading


On this day… 8th July 1982

8 Jul

A quick quiz question to start, what has happened to the following fourteen nations that has not happened to any other; Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia? The answer is that they have lost a World Cup Finals penalty shoot-out. Prior to the introduction of the penalties, drawn knockout matches were replayed, as happened several times at the 1938 World Cup. With concerns over scheduling FIFA introduced penalties as a method of separating drawn World Cup ties in 1978, but it was not needed, indeed not since the 1938 tournament had a match remained level at the end of scheduled play. And so the first ever World Cup finals penalty shoot-out took place at the end of an epic semi-final, four years later, on this day in 1982. Continue reading

On this day… 7th July 1974

7 Jul

And so the Netherlands have made it through to their third World Cup Final. Having faced West Germany in Munich in 1974 and Argentina in Buenos Aires in 1978 the Dutch are already in a much better position than their previous two finals, in that for once they will not be the ‘away’ side.  Should Germany defeat Spain later this evening then we will be set for (political reunification of one of the constituent nations considered) a replica of one of those previous finals which took place on this day, thirty-six years ago. Continue reading

On this day… 4th July 1954

4 Jul

Given the global appeal of football, and especially of the World Cup, it’s perhaps a little surprising that relatively few matches from the tournaments over the years have been subsequently honoured in film. Today however, marks the anniversary of one match that was subsequently committed to celluloid. Fifty-six years ago today, and indeed less than a decade after the end of the Second World War, West Germany faced Hungary in a World Cup Final which would later be dubbed The Miracle of Bern or to give it its original and much better German name Das Wunder von Bern. Continue reading

On this day… 3rd July 1990

3 Jul

Our plan from the start with Twinty Tin was to be non-partisan in our coverage of the World Cup. Unlike ITV, on this site England are England and never ‘we’ or ‘us’, although admittedly this is made easier by the fact that fifty percent of the team behind this blog is Welsh. However, despite this pledge, it seems that this feature has begun to follow Clive Tyldsley’s lead. Having already looked back at England’s second round and quarter-final matches from Italia ’90, we now complete the set with a look back at the denouement of that campaign; West Germany and a semi-final which took place twenty years ago today. Continue reading

On this day… 29th June 1986

29 Jun

I’ve alluded to this before in our On This Day feature, but only ever having watched the World Cup through television coverage produced by your own country ensures that you have an unintentionally selective memory of past tournaments. Take the 1986 tournament is a prime example, I was just three years-old when it took place so have no first had memories of it, but I have seen footage of it. And so I’ve seen Gordon Strachan scoring against West Germany and then being pole-axed against Uruguay. I’ve seen Pat Jennings left bemused by Josimar’s stunning debut strike. I’ve seen all there is to see from the Argentina vs England quarter-final. I’ve seen Diego Maradona’s solo goal against Belgium from the subsequent semi-final, and even seen Maradona lifting the trophy. Only on researching this feature however (yes we do research) ,did it dawn on me though that I had never seen any footage of the final itself, the match between West Germany and Argentina, which took place twenty-four years ago today. Continue reading

On this day… 22nd June 1986

22 Jun

Twenty-four years ago an England team had a disastrous start to a World Cup finals campaign, beaten by an unfancied Portugal side, held to a goalless draw by Morocco and without the services of Brian Robson whose shoulder had fallen off and Ray Wilkins who had been sent off against the North African side. But then it all started going right for England. Gary Lineker hit a hat-trick against Poland in the final group game, and he hit too more against Paraguay in the second round to set up a quarter-final with Argentina and a chance, on this day in 1986, to prove they could cut it against the best in the world, and not just those nations beginning with ‘P’. Continue reading

On this day… 17th June 1970

17 Jun

The 1970 World Cup is remembered in this country primarily for two things, Gordon Banks’ save from Pele in the England v Brazil group fixture, and the subsequent football played by Brazil en route to ultimately winning the tournament. However there was much more to the tournament than men in yellow leaping for joy down a far touchline. On this day forty years ago two European sides played out a semi-final that would be referred to as the Game of the Century. Continue reading

On this day… 16th June 2006

16 Jun

Thanks to, or despite of, the bat-shit crazy management of Diego Maradona Argentina have looked one of the tournament’s most impressive sides so far at this year’s World Cup. Unfortunately despite dominating their opening game against Nigeria they were unable to convert fluid possession into goals. However, four years ago today they managed to do just that as they faced Serbia & Montenegro in Germany. Continue reading