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Uruguay at the 1970 World Cup

25 Jun

After Wednesday’s World Cup matches it became clear that one of the tournament’s semi-finalists will come from the unexpected quartet of South Korea, Uruguay, Ghana or the United States with many considering Uruguay as favourites to win through after some impressive performances in Group A. Anyone with even a vague knowledge of World Cup history will know that Uruguay have a couple of World Cup trophy wins under their belt in the 30s/50s. But what about the team from 1970, the team who were the last South American side, other than Brazil or Argentina, to reach the semi finals of the World Cup? Continue reading


On this day… 7th June 1970

7 Jun

Maybe its lack of sleep, maybe its the humid weather, or maybe its the panic caused by discovering that the office sweep-stake still has five unsold teams (one of which must be a better bet than my pick of Nigeria). I’m not sure what it comes down to, but I am starting to experience strange feelings.  After just one week of trawling the net to bring you this feature I’m now starting to get nostalgia, not just any nostalgia, but nostalgia for things that I am too young to have actually experienced in the first place. Take today’s offering for example, Brazil v England in the 1970 World Cup, a classic encounter which everyone remembers vividly. Even me. And I wouldn’t be born for a further thirteen years. Continue reading