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What Happens Next? (groups e – h)

24 Jun

Four down then and four to go, of the sisxteen teams across Groups E to H, fourteen of the sixteen teams still have a chance of reaching the knockout stages and for the most part being ignored by this country’s press, because they’re in the wrong half of the draw to trouble England and affect ‘the mood in the camp’ any time soon. Still I suppose somehow they will soldier on and try manfully to progress to the knock-out stages of the competition, the crazy foreigners. Here’s Twinty Tin’s guide to who needs what to carry on up the World Cup. Continue reading


What Happens Next? (groups a to d)

22 Jun

The World Cup is now at its half-way point and personally, having sat through all thirty-two of the matches played thus far, I’m delighted. I’m sorry if that comes across as an Alan Hansen-esque “do you want to watch New Zealand versus Slovakia? You can have my place” style moan, but I’m not in South Africa you see, I’m not soaking in the sights and sounds of the tournament atmosphere, I’m stuck here. In Worcester. Watching every game from my flat. And the closest I’ve come to recreating the World Cup atmosphere is when someone nearby was strimming their lawn during the South Korea v Greece game and it sounded a bit like a vuvuzela. Continue reading

Twinty Tin Kicks Off

1 Jun

Yes thats right, its yet another World Cup Blog. Twinty Tin got the game underway at 20:10 on 1st June. The site is the combined effort of a number of existing blog writers who fitted the stringent vetting process in that they planned on watching the World Cup anyway, they could write about it, and they are available to do so for free.