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On this day… 23rd June 1990

23 Jun

Today’s episode of our On this day feature is something of a double header, as the match on which it focuses, is also my own first World Cup memory. Twenty years ago today Cameroon faced Colombia in Naples in the first second round tie of Italia ’90. Cameroon had surprised everyone by winning a group featuring reigning champions Argentina to make it through whilst Colombia had just scraped through thanks to a 1-1 draw with West Germany. The South Americans though were still favourites to progress in to the Quarter Finals. Continue reading


First World Cup Memories #7

16 Jun

Oh yes, we’re still going with this feature. After our own Matt Clift shared his memories of the 1982 tournament at the weekend, we return today to our reader’s submissions for this latest edition of our First World Cup Memories series and to a more recent tournament. Today reader Adam Hutcheson takes us back to USA ’94 and to help tell his tale he’s even thrown in a video clip… Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #6

13 Jun

Twinty Tin’s own Matt Clift provides the latest instalment of our First World Cup Memories series…

I was 9 years old during Espana ’82 and it was the first World Cup that I fully immersed myself in, with all the memorabilia and associated tat that you might expect: a lovingly-updated wallchart, a frustratingly incomplete Panini sticker album and my first and indeed only replica England shirt as modelled by England’s mascot, an aggressive-looking cartoon bulldog named Bobby. Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #5

10 Jun

This is just getting silly now, a fifth submission from a Twinty Tin reader and still more waiting patiently in our inbox. This site has already managed to find more willing participants than John Toshack naming a Wales squad for an upcoming friendly. Anyway, cheap joke done, back to business. Today’s First World Cup Memory is another great submission (spoilt only by his use of the non-word ‘tekkers’) and it comes from Mike Follows of Doncaster; Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #4

8 Jun

In view of an unexpected wave of you lot wanting to share your formative World Cup feelings with us, we have decided to up the production run on our First World Cup Memories feature. After hazy journeys to each of the tournaments of the 1990s, today we delve much further back thanks to Paul Johnston, who sent us his recollections of the 1974 tournament. Paul is a Scotland fan which means that just four episodes in we’ve achieved a home nations hat-trick with submissions from North, South and West of the border. The pressure is on Irish readers of Twinty Tin. Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #3

7 Jun

I’m at work now. Not typing up well-crafted articles on the forthcoming World Cup, nor the usual makeweight Twinty Tin gubbins for that matter. No I’m at the job I actually get paid to do, probably staring blankly at an email, or possibly staring blankly out the window at the car-park as I make a coffee. Either way, the life of a professional blank-starer is never done. Anyway, my point is that despite being at work, using the magic of the internet I was able to pre-upload this piece to Twinty Tin so that it would appear whilst I’m otherwise disengaged. Clever eh? No? Ah well, at least the content is more impressive than the method. Here it is, it’s today’s First World Cup Memory submission , sent in to us by reader Lee Egley; Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #2

5 Jun

When we asked for submissions from our readers for their first World Cup memory, we thought we might, over the course of the tournament, get one or two. If we were lucky, and if England went out in the group stages, we might get a couple of people who had optimisitically booked time off for all conceivable knock-out progression with enough time on their hands to send something our way. The truth is, just four days after launching the site the Twinty Tin email account is already over-flowing with six, count them, six article submissions from you lovely lovely people. And so we are able to bring you the second instalment of our series already. Huge thanks to Kier Lymn for sending us this, his First World Cup Memory, though be warned his opening line will make some of you feel very old. Continue reading

First World Cup Memories #1

3 Jun

Twinty Tin is not just about our interpretation on the World Cup, but a platform for your views as well. On the Interaction page of the site we’ve asked readers to type a few words on their first World Cup memory in this feature we’ve titled ‘First World Cup Memories’. Say what you like about Twinty Tin, but when it comes  to naming features, we don’t piss about. Anyway, remarkably, we’ve had our first submission, from an actual real-life reader of the site. So, now we’ve recovered from the shock may we say many thanks to Marc Colclough for sharing with us this trip down memory lane. Continue reading