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Twinty Tin’s Token Team of the World Cup Piece

13 Jul

I know what you’re thinking, but no, no we won’t leave the World Cup alone. Not just yet anyway. We’ve each taken a look back into our own lives since Sunday and decided to hang on to Twinty Tin to the bitter end, because we’ve each come to love the World Cup more than Fernando Muslera loves the Soccer City crossbar. So, following on from our token Awards-Based Review piece yesterday comes a token Team of the World Cup piece. In the past couple of days every media outlet worth their salt, and ITV, have been eliciting  past World Cup stars and well-informed football writers to selecting their choice tournament XIs. But what do they know? They’ll probably have based the selections on things like ‘reason’ and ‘merit’. The crazy bastards. Don’t worry, you’ll get no such thing from us here at Twinty Tin as our four key contributors each selected their own Team of the World Cup. Continue reading


Match Preview 61: Netherlands vs Uruguay (semi-final)

6 Jul

Luis Suarez based controversy aside, the Uruguayans have more than earned their place in today’s first semi-final.  Solid in defence and assured in attack, they have taken every chance with which they were presented.  Continue reading

Match Preview 49: Uruguay vs South Korea (round two)

26 Jun

Uruguay have emerged as dark horses during this World Cup and, sitting as they do on the ‘weak’ side of the draw, can be confident of reaching the semi-finals.  First, however, they must look to defeat a well drilled South Korea side. Continue reading

Match Preview 33: Mexico vs Uruguay (Group A)

22 Jun

Nestled atop Group A with a three-point cushion sit this afternoon’s combatants, Mexico and Uruguay. A draw will be enough to send both teams through, but with the runners-up reward a match with Argentina, it’s unlikely a mutually arranged stalemate will occur. Continue reading